Maelstrom Network

There's an ocean of data out there. Let's help you funnel it.

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About the Network

The Maelstrom Network - currently under hectic development - is gearing up to be able to provide users and developers a unified interface to each other. Unlike some other offerings out there, this isn't a social network, and it never will be. All your information is for your eyes only until you allow an application to use it. We're trying to get web applications to a first class status on the web, similar to how an application on your computer is tightly integrated into the rest of the computer.

By creating a Maelstrom Network account, you're putting one foot forward towards a future where web applications and services respect your privacy and security decisions. You have the right to store your data where you wish, read it with the programs you wish, and know that you aren't being sold to advertisers for a quick buck.

We don't have much in the way of functionality or useful applications just yet, but there's only one way that'll change: You. Sign up by visiting the prototype page with the green button above. Every user counts.

What does the Maelstrom Network do for me as a user?

We help protect you against privacy invasions

If you've ever hesitated clicking on a button to connect with your favorite social network, you know what we're talking about. What information is this application going to be able to retrieve about me? Sometimes, you just don't want the world to know what web sites you're using. With the Maelstrom Network, you'll never have to worry about anyone finding out anything about you they don't need to know.

The future is bright

We don't have a lot of functionality to offer right now, but if you take a few moments and sign up, you're putting your vote on what you want the future of the internet to look like. As we add more functionality, we'll keep you up to date. Plus, as a user, we'll be closely listening to what you want next.

What does the Maelstrom Network enable developers to do?

Create safe applications users won't hesitate to connect to

There's lots of anecdotal evidence around the web that users don't want always want to connect via their social network accounts, especially for serious purposes. Yet developing your own login solution - even implementing a basic pre-built one - can take precious time off the top of your project. Not to mention the risk that you go through all the trouble of collecting their email address and they just put down a fake one.

With the Maelstrom Network, you can quickly get off the ground running with user authentication, and take advantages of all the additional resources we'll be offering down the road.

Help push the boundaries of the web

We'll be honest: There's lots of functionality we'd like to add, and only so much time in the day. By signing up now as a developer and leaving your feedback, you will help direct our future development. If we're successful in our goals, we hope to make a significant positive impact on the web as you know it.